Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Not long Now...

Hi All

We are 18 days out from the beginning of our 3 month travels of USA, Cananda and Alaska and are both counting down the days and getting a little excited for what we will see and experience. Have started laying our clothes out on the spare bed but looking at the piles know some culling will have to take place. Russ assures me there are shops over the other side of the world therfore the " JUST IN CASE" items remain at home.  The days will pass all too quickly. Nine of them we will spend at the Sydney Caravan and Camping trade show promoting the park.

We will be travelling with Russell's brother and wife, Geoff and Kienny who have a  troop carrier . Travelling with us in our RV will be Russell's sister Wendy, and a few weeks into the trip her huband Mal will join us. Once we arrive in LA we will pick up our RV and head to Geoff and Kienny's daughters home in Lamita where we will spend a few days equipping the RV before heading off to the Grand Canyon to meet up with Geoff and Kienny for some shared FUN and good times.

Stay tuned....       This blog will keep you updated on the Kingsmill's travels..  

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