Thursday, 26 May 2011

LA to Sedona

We said our goodbyes to Su-Lin and Jo and headed to purchase the last of the items at camping world that we needed for our RV and to arrange credit for our mobile phones. It was not until 4pm that we eventually made our way out of the very big city on route to the Grand Canyon.
As the daylight hours are longer we were able to make a fair distance to where we camped in a very comfortable KAO camp at Needles. The dual lane highway route 40 made for easy travelling even though every 2nd vehicle was a semi trailer.
The following morning we were off to an early start to allow us time to stop along the way before we were to meet up with Geoff and Kienny. Before leaving Needles we fuelled which was a shock at $4.89 a gallon. We had been warned that Gas as they call it in America had increased but we soon realised that we had been ripped off as the average for our trip will be around $3.85 per gallon.
We continued on route 40 taking a detour onto route 66 at Seligman where we had “coffee only” at Roadkill Cafe and a look around this historical town. Chatting to some bikers who had come from the way we were headed, we knew we were in for some wonderful scenery of fresh snow capped mountains.
We pulled up in the car park in Flagstaff to wait a call from Geoff and Kienny as to our meeting place. While waiting, we walked to the farmers markets to restock fresh produce and along the way got snowed upon.  The call came that they were in Sedona so we quickly lunched and then headed the 40 miles further on to this picturesque city surrounded by Red Rock monoliths that are named after the objects there shapes resemble.  
It was hugs for our travel buddies, coffee over a catch up chat then to the RV park which was located on beautiful Oak Creek for our overnight stay. Sedona is home to the largest continuous stand of ponderosa pines, is renowned for its unique shops,  impressive galleries, and is  rated one of the countries most beautiful places.
We would have to agree..... 
Leaving LA
LA to Needles

Colorado River

LA to Needles Route 40
Sunset along route 40

camp at Needles


Selligman historic town
Roadkill  Cafe

Deer line the walls
Lining the walls in Roadkill cafe
Our sons dream catch

Historical Jail Selligman

Red Rock Country Near Sedona

Driving into Sedona
Meeting up with Geoff
Sedona RV Park                   


Oak Creek alongside RV Park

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  1. Looks absolutely amazing and I'm sure you are all having a wonderful time even if it is cold. We miss you