Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Icefield Pathway Highway #93

The Icefield Parkway is 233 kms long, meanders its way through waterfalls and glacier sculptured mountains from Lake Louise to Jasper and is one of the worlds ten greatest drives.  
It was afternoon when we left the beauty of Lake Louise to start our journey of the icefields. We did not venture too far as we had checked on the weather and the following day was to be fine and sunny which is what we wanted for our walks and to see everything at its best.  Our first camp was right alongside the fast flowing Mosquito Creek.  We went for a walk, had an early tea and some quiet time reading .
The following morning our wish was granted, even though the overnight temperature was -1c it was a beautiful sunny day.  It was an early start with our first stop at Crowsfoot glacier aptly named for its three toes and then onto ice covered Bow Lake where we had a bit of fun skimming stones across the ice. It was a few more kilometres before we enjoyed some great reflections in the aqua blue glacier melts of Waterfowl Lake.  
Before we stopped for morning tea at the Crossing , which is where three rivers converge, Mistaya ( great Bear), the Howse and the north Saskatchewan we went for a  25 minute return walk down to view the natural arch and rounded potholes on Mistaya Canyon walls and its Waterfall.
We spent a while admiring and photographing a black bear that was on the road side before continuing on to Cirrus mountain at an elevation of 10,685 ft.  After Weeping Wall, and Bridal Veil Falls we stopped at the pass and started chatting to some German folk who have lived in Byron Bay for the last 30 years. Some Aussie locals.....  who were also on their way to Alaska. 
About half way along the icefield parkway we entered Jasper National Park, the largest of Canada’s Rocky Mountain Parks.  There we stopped at the Columbia Icefields for a 90 minute motorised “snocoach” ice explorer tour on to Athabasca Glacier.  Once on the Glacier we had 20 minutes walking on the ice before we were returned by coach back to our vehicles. We had a look around the Ice Centre and then continued to make our way through the mountains stopping off at the magical Sunwapta and Athabasca falls.  We were also lucky enough to spot another black and grizzly bear.
We arrived in Jasper at around 7.30pm and after a great day we decided to top it off by treating ourselves to Russ’s favourite "Pizza".  We chose the outdoor top deck of "Pizza Place" and while we ate enjoyed the views of snow capped mountains.  It was then time to find a camp site for the night and to plan the next part of our journey..... 
  “The icefield parkway’ -  a wonderful experience that will leave us with lasting memories... 

Athabasca Gorge

Ice on Bow Lake

Bow Lake Trail

Close to a bear

Mistaya Canyon

Mountians along the highway

Icefield old snow mobile

Geoff on Abathasca Glacier

Mistaya River

Glacier River

Ice Explorer


Russ and Rob at Glacier

Wendy with Moose at Icefield Centre

Russ throwing stones to try and break the ice

Russ eating Ice


Crowsfoot Glacier


Kienny shattering the ice

Waterfow lake

Sunwapta Pass

Mosquito Creek Camp Site
Road from Glacier
Road on glacier
The crossing
Mt Christie
Icefield Pathway
Icefield Pathway
Jasper Tourist Office

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  1. Hey Mum and Dad..
    Looks Like you are having a wonderful time over there. We miss you xxxx