Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Valdez -

There was so much we had heard about Valdez and thought it was worth a visit.It was well known in the beginning for all the wrong reasons. The community was destroyed  in 1964 from an earthquake that measured 9.2 on the ritcher scale. The original Valdez  was built on unstable ground so the town was relocated and rebuilt 4 mile further down on the bay.  
Also in 1989 a tanker struck Bligh reef approximately 25 miles outside of Valdez causing the largest Oil spill in North American History.  Both these events happened on Good Friday 25 years apart.  While in Valdez we went to see the movie on how these events shaped the community that exists today . The only real reminder of these events is the lack of historical buildings within the town.   
The trans Alaskan pipeway runs 800 mile from Prudoe Bay in the Artic ocean and ends at the marine terminal in Valdez where it is gravity fed into oil tankers and shipped out through Prince William Sound. The ideal location for transport as it is the most ice free port and offers the shortest link for seabourne cargo to Alaksa .
Prince William sound is also important for the commercial fishing industry and its beauty is showed off  to the many that visit it each year. We tried out some of the local Halibat and Salmon for tea and were 6 additonal visitors who took a 9 ½ hour day tour to visit the sound. Over the 125 miles we travelled we saw Glaciers, Icebergs, Snow capped mountains, cliff faces, waterfalls and rock formations . There were Sea Lions, Whales, Sea otters, Bears, Mountain Goats and a variety of birds. The catamaran was modern, very comfortable and our captain Chris shared lots of information on the amazing glaciers, exciting wildlife and history.
The tour slogan .....   “Prince William Sound”  - A sound you will never forget.
We would have to agree.   It was one very special day!                           
Bald Eagle

Boulder Bay

Boulder Bay


Colony of Sea lions on Glacier Island

Colony of Sea Otters

Face Rock ...

Frozen Glacier Ice         

 Glacier Ice floating with the tide

Glacier Ice breaking away

Spruce Pines and Kittawans in flight

Glacier Ice Break

Humpback Whale

Sea porpoises
Columbia Ice  








Lunch on the boat

Marble Murrelets

Meares Glacier


Ocars tail


Rock Formations

Yep! can never be serious!

Sea lion on a rock
Low tide and  clear water reflections

Sea lions swimming

Sea Otter on ice  

Sea lions on ice

a black bear

Valdez boat harbour

Valdez fishing

Valdez Spirit Our cruise boat

Our cruise boat

Meares  Glacier Formation


Trans Alaskan Pipeline port

Wells Bay


Prince William Sound

Mountain goat with kid

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