Friday, 3 June 2011

Yellow Stone National Park

The Northwest corner of Wyoming “Yellowstone National Park”   our next two days are best described as a story book of stunning mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, waterfalls,  forests and geysers in the nations first ever National Park.
The national parks cater well for the RV traveller with regular dump points and water supplies so before leaving the camp site area we made use of these facilities.  It was not too long before we entered Yellowstone National Park and had a stop at Grant Village for updated information on road conditions and closures.  As the road to Old Faithful was open we continued our travels in the snow storm to the village where we enjoyed a browse in the shop biding time waiting for “Old Faithful Geyser” to do its stuff. Every 92 mins or so it puts on the display of  steam, then a full burst of boiling water  135 ft into the air while a world of people like us look on. After our stint in the cold and snow we headed into the spectacular 110 year old Faithful Inn for some warmth and a magnificent hot Chocolate.
Back on the road we followed Fish Hole river, passing geysers, and bison grazing in the fields to the very well designed camping area at Madison where we spent our two nights.  Being the first pleasant night in a while we took the opportunity to go for a walk along the Madison river where more Bison grazed and geese swam. 
Snow fell again overnight but we woke to a glorious day that was spent exploring Yellowstone National Park.  The RV stayed parked and we all piled into Troopy to travel most of the figure 8 loop road system from where we could access the parks major attractions.  The  colours of Yellowstone Canyon with its  308 ft drop waterfall into the base of the canyon, Norris Geyser basin, the parks oldest and hottest  thermal area, and the impressive array of terraces and cascades at Mammoth Springs together with Fishing Bridge, twin lakes and the iced over waters of Yellowstone Lake made for one fantastic day.  Every trail we walked lead to somewhere remarkable. Every bend we turned was breathtakingly beautiful.  
Mid afternoon topped it all off.... What we had all been hoping for happened... We saw a BEAR wandering between the trees, eating the grass without a care in the world that he was being viewed and photographed by the many people from the cars that lined the sides of the roads.
As they say " Yellowstone country is a little bit like facing a gourmet buffet table laden with your all time favourite foods.  With so many mouth watering choices how could you choose just a few items to put on your plate."

In the snow at Yellowstone

Artist paintpots

Its a bear ...
Bison along the road
Bison and Geese along the Madison River

Canary Springs


Mammoth Springs

Mammoth Springs terraces


Geoff and Kienny at Geyser

on our walk

Norris Basin Geyser

Pallete Springs

Yellowstone Lake  Iced over

Yellowstone River

View from Fishing Bridge

At Old Faithful Inn overlooking Old faithful Geyser


Bear Grazing

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